TWOW Strategic Pillars

TWOW is working through its 7 Pillars to implement key initiatives responsible for scaling social and economic impacts for Africa. The pillars are:



Bringing the largely excluded demographic into the economy and social transformation.


Become A Volunteer

Empowering women to optimize their potential for social and economic transformation for africa

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Be A Mentor

Influencing social behaviour in order to have a lasting impact on economic and social development.


Timeless TV

Influencing social behaviour in order to have a lasting impact on economic and social development.

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Timeless Women Of Wonder (TWOW) supports a number of initiatives and projects. We appreciate financial support of any amount that will go towards any project of your choice

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Timeless Women Of Wonder (TWOW) believes in inspiring, empowering and supporting women to fulfill their potential and be a Transformational change agent for Africa. In order to do this we welcome individuals, professionals and organizations to support us technically in any area(s) of their choice. These are the following ways that you can support us technically.

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Timeless Women Of Wonder has been able to make a number of achievements over the years it has been in exsistence, they include :

  1. About 3500 women in the last two years have undergone skills development and trainings for the construction industry and are now in the process of starting businesses or gaining employment within the industry.
  2. We have developed over 25 women in leadership.
  3. We have empowered over 100 women of enterprise skills.
This has only been possible through a large network of volunteers and collaborative patners.We want to invite volunteers to support us, to inspire, empower and support even more women to unlock their potential and to transform this continent through our key focus areas. If you would like to volunteer with TWOW, kindly fill in the following information

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We have realized that thousands of people and organizations would like partner with organizations such as TWOW and at times are not able to support the organization in cash but are able to do so in kind. We therefore welcome your support of any kind that would help us achieve the goals, objectives and vision to empower women to transform Africa. Let us know how you would like to support us in this way.

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Our Partners

Kenya Association of Women Business Owners
Federation of Women Entrepreneur Associations
Coca Cola
Christian Aid
Benchmark Solutions
Afrom Media